Rooney’s Offers A “Little Bit of Everything”!

$4.49 and up


  • Key Lime Pie…. $4.69
  • Peanut Butter Pie… $5.69
  • Cheesecake… $4.49
  • Cheesecake with added Strawberries… $4.79
  • Dessert of the Day… Ask your server about today’s selection


Margarita Flatbread

A crispy flatbread topped with fresh garlic, mozzarella cheese, ripe tomatoes, basil, and drizzled with a zesty balsamic glaze… $7.99


Artichoke Fritters

A combination of artichoke hearts, red peppers,scallions, jalapenos, cream cheese, and creole seasoning make these fluffy fritters pack a flavorful punch. Served with Cajun remoulade… $8.99


Santa Fe Steak Salad

Tender grilled strips of steak, lettuce, corn salsa, black beans, and crispy taco strips with Cajun ranch.. $10.49


Grilled Palermo

Mouth watering grilled capicola, bacon, pepperoncinis, and melted mozzarella cheese on toasted French bread with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and Italian dressing… $7.99


Sriracha Steak Panini

Juicy tender strips of steak, sauteed mushrooms, onions, sriracha mayo and melted Swiss cheese on toasted French bread… $8.99


Pesto Chicken Sandwich

Grilled all white chicken on toasted ciabatta bread, with lettuce, tomato, onion melted Swiss cheese and a house made pesto aioli… $7.99


Crab Cake Sandwich

A house made fresh crab cake on a toasted Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, and a lemon dill sauce…$8.99


Thai Chicken Wrap

Grilled white meat chicken, romaine, carrots, sesame seeds, cilantro, and a Thai peanut sauce… $7.99


Sante Fe Steak Wrap

Tender grilled strips of steak, lettuce, corn salsa, black beans, and crispy taco strips, with Cajun ranch… $8.99


Veggie Wrap

Fresh tomatoes, banana peppers, red peppers, green peppers,mushrooms, onions and mozzarella cheese in a spinach wrap… $7.49


Citrus Cilantro Salmon

A 7-oz hand-cut fresh salmon grilled to perfection and topped with a citrus cilantro butter… $16.99


Shrimp Scampi over Pasta

A boatload of seasoned shrimp sauteed with fresh garlic, capers, parmesan cheese and white wine. Served over a bed of linguini… $13.99


Chicken Fried Chicken

Tender buttermilk marinated chicken breast fried to perfection and topped with a downtown delicious white pepper gravy… $10.99


Chicken Primavera

Tender strips of chicken, broccoli, red peppers, mushrooms, and onions tossed in a garlic parmesan cream sauce. Served over a bed of linguini…. $13.99


Chicken Key Largo

Juicy grilled chicken topped with crab meat and mozzarella cheese and finished off with a buttery smooth hollandaise sauce… $14.99

Kid’s Menu (for our guests 12 and younger)

  • Chicken Fingers & Fries… $6.49
  • Grilled Cheese & Fries… $6.29
  • Hamburger & Fries… $6.49
  • Small Personal Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza… $5.99
  • Spaghetti – served with melted butter or marinara… $5.49


Moo Burger

An all beef burger (Fresh Certified Angus Beef) topped with sauteed mushrooms, onions, peppers, Swiss cheese, and chef made house BBQ sauce… $8.99   With Fries $9.99


Haystack Burger

An all beef burger (Fresh Certified Angus Beef) topped with mozzarella cheese, crispy onions and steak sauce… $8.99  With Fries $9.99



Sizzling all beef burger (Fresh Certified Angus Beef) topped with sautéed mushrooms and melted Swiss cheese… $8.99  With Fries…$9.99



Bacon Cheeseburger

A hot and juicy burger (Fresh Certified Angus Beef) with melted American cheese and crispy bacon.   $8.99  With Fries…$9.99



Hickory Burger

An all beef burger (Fresh Certified Angus Beef) topped with barbeque sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon and onion rings… $8.99  With Fries…$9.99



Hollywood Burger

All beef burger (Fresh Certified Angus Beef) topped with crisp bacon, Swiss cheese, American cheese and Dijon mayo. $8.99  With Fries…$9.99



Patty Melt

Juicy burger patty (Fresh Certified Angus Beef) with sautéed onions and double the cheese on grilled rye bread. $8.99  With Fries…$9.99



Shrimp Basket

Tender, golden fried shrimp with French fries our cocktail sauce and lemon…. $9.49


Market Price

Fish Basket

A pub tradition…batter dipped, deep fried mahi fillets served with French fries, tartar sauce and lemon… Market Price



Chicken Finger Basket

Tender chicken fingers served with fries and your choice of dipping sauce… $8.99



Grilled Liver and Onions – delicious

Tender calf’s liver cooked to perfection. Topped with plenty of sautéed onions and served with soup or salad and your choice of potato or today’s vegetable… $9.99



Pot Roast – slow roasted to perfection

A generous serving of slow-roasted beef served with vegetables and mashed potatoes… 10.99



Baked Chicken Pot Pie – home made

Pot pie brimming with fresh chicken and garden vegetables in a rich cream sauce. Baked until the crust is golden brown…. $9.49

  • with salad… $10.49


Fried Shrimp Dinner

Everyone’s favorite — Gulf shrimp hand breaded and fried to a golden brown. Served with our homemade zesty cocktail sauce…. $11.99



Broiled or Blackened Haddock

A Rooney’s Specialty – Cooked to perfection, your choice of broiled or blackened with Cajun seasoning…$11.99


Market Price

Blackened Bourbon Mahi

Jazzed up Cajun-style and finished with a savory bourbon glaze… Market Price


Full Rack of Baby Back Ribs – slow cooked “falling off the bone”

They’re Mr. Rooney’s favorite and sure to be yours too! Mouth-watering baby back ribs slow cooked the old-fashioned way for fall-off-the-bone tenderness. Topped with our own barbeque sauce, sweet and tangy with a hint of hickory smoke…  $14.99



10-oz. Ribeye Steak*

Chargrilled to savory perfection.



10 – oz New York strip steak

Juicy, tender 10-oz New York strip, char-grilled to your liking!


Prime Rib of Beef – Best in town!!!

Satisfy your craving with our rich, moist and tender slow-roasted prime rib. Cut to order–pure dining pleasure for the beef lover!

  • 12-oz cut… $16.99
  • 14-oz cut… $18.99


Reuben, Reuben

Lean corned beef, melted Swiss cheese, tangy sauerkraut and Russian dressing on grilled rye bread… $7.99


Market Price

Mahi Mahi

Fried, broiled or blackened Mahi served on a fresh baked deli roll with lettuce, tomato and onion. Served with tartar sauce and lemon… Market Price



Philly Steak

Tender roast beef with grilled onions and mushrooms. Topped with Swiss cheese and served on a deli roll…$7.99

  • Add Peppers – $0.50

$3.49 and up

Soup of the day

Made fresh every day. Ask your server for details about today’s piping hot selection.

  • Cup….  $3.49
  • Bowl… $4.29

$3.79 and up

French Onion Soup

We slow-cook this classic for a rich, mellow taste. Its hearty broth is thick with sautéed onions and topped with a lid of melted cheese.



Bowl…. $4.79

Cup ….. $3.79


House or Caesar Salad

Served with a dinner roll and butter.



Buffalo Chicken Salad

Crispy fried chicken tossed in our special sauce and served on a bed of lettuce with diced tomatoes, crumbled bleu cheese and Monterey Jack cheese.



Oriental Chicken Salad

Fresh mixed greens, crispy rice noodles, green onions, cashews and crispy fried chicken. Topped with oriental dressing.

$7.29 and up

Greek Salad

A large salad of mixed greens topped with tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, pepperoni, feta cheese, kalamata olives and Greek dressing. $7.29

  • add Chicken… $9.49


Chicken Caesar Salad

Fresh marinated chicken breast a top chopped romaine lettuce with our creamy Caesar dressing, croutons and Parmesan cheese. Served with a roll and butter.




$8.59 and up

Wild West Wings

Mild, medium, hot, barbecue, teriyaki, honey mustard, garlic butter or Carolina Gold!

  • 10 pieces…. $8.59
  • 20 pieces…. $16.49
  • 30 pieces…. $23.99
  • Extra Sauce or Bleu Cheese $0.75


Buffalo Shrimp

Lightly hand-breaded, deep fried and tossed in our Buffalo sauce.


$7.99 and up

Quesadilla – the best in town!!!

Crisp bacon, mushrooms, scallions and melted Jack cheese. Served with salsa and sour cream… $7.99

  • add Chicken.. $9.99
  • add Shrimp… $11.99
  • add Steak…… $11.99


Cheese Flats

Flavorful Half-Moons of breaded mozzarella cheese fried to perfection. Served with marinara sauce.



Loaded Potato Skins

LOADED with melted Monterey Jack cheese and crisp bacon. Served with sour cream.



Rooney’s Ultimate Nachos

Tortilla chips piled high with taco meat, cheese, chopped lettuce, tomatoes and black olives. Served with a side of sour cream and salsa… $8.99


Mashed Potatoes…. $2.29

French Fries……….. $2.49

Baked Potato………. $2.49

Cole Slaw……………. $2.29

Broccoli With Hollandaise Sauce………. $2.79

Vegetable du Jour.. $2.49

Macaroni Salad…… $2.29

Onion Rings……….. $4.79


Fish Fry Friday – Rooney’s the landmark restaurant – best in town!!!

Available Only On Fridays!

Huge piece of Beer battered Haddock served with French Fries, Coleslaw & Hushpuppies!

It’s what we’re famous for – join in the tradition!