Rooney’s Restaurant – Palm Bay Fl Restaurant

A little about me

Assistant manager Stephanie Silva, like her mother, Rooneys owner Sandy Waters, started working in the restaurant business at a very early age. Having been literally raised in the business, Stephanie has learned how to make each and every diners experience unique and enjoyable. She has a keen eye for detail and manages every aspect of the restaurants process from the kitchen staff to the drink specialist, and right to the servers who engage the customers. From small intimate couples who drop by, to larger catered parties and events to holiday celebrations. Nothing is left to chance.

While Rooney’s prides itself on being the neighborhood restaurant with the casual family fare, Stephanie is not afraid to make a change in order to delight customers in new and novel ways. She prides herself on bringing in new menu items, entertainment features, and drink specials to enrich a customers experience. With her talent and flair for marketing, she never misses a chance to share the Rooney’s message of fun, food, and family.

We hope that you will stop in to meet the Rooney’s family and this delightful young woman.!IMG_6875