The Cooks



A little about me

Mark has enjoyed a wealth of experience from some of the more popular restaurants in both Florida and New York. After his work at Esperanza Mansion and Lloyd’s Limited in New York, he moved to Florida to work at Continental Flambe’ and now Rooney’s Restaurant. He has worked under numerous restaurant entrepreneurs on the East Coast learning to create, prepare and cook numerous regional varieties and local favorites. Mark emphasizes fresh, local and seasonal produce prepared using his unique techniques to create daily specials.

Mark adds his style to every dish from tapas and appetizers to fresh seafood and seasoned meat dishes. He ensures the quality consistently exceeds customer expectations whether it is a single customer or larger banquets and parties. As the head of the kitchen at Rooney’s, he enjoys ordering the freshest ingredients from local suppliers and sharing his knowledge and experience with the other kitchen professionals.

Mark is passionate about making the customer’s experience the most enjoyable one possible. With a string of customer compliments to his name and the wealth of experience, this innovative young professional’s passion for food preparation and presentation is eclectic, skilled, and unpretentious.